SODA Refill

We refill all common soda maker cylinders including Sodastream, Aarke, Drinkmate, Philips and Quooker

+ Purchase an exchange 

+ Send us your used cylinders using our free returns label

+ Receive your refilled cylinders


Why Choose Us?

We are the simple and cheap option for a green CO2 Refill

Step 1: Order the number of cylinders you wish to exchange 

Step 2: Receive a link to generate a shipping returns label

Step 3: Print the returns label and drop used cylinders at any Collect+ site

Step 4: Once we have received your cylinders we will send your new ones direct to you

Such an easy process, and cheaper than exchanging in store - will definitely be using this service again

Bob McGrew
Satisfied Customer

Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices!

Gail Thomsett
York, UK

About Us

Alice Younge,

Store Owner,

We are an independent, family run, supplier of carbon dioxide. Our sister company, Cryogenic Industrial Spares, manufactures the equipment to fill the cylinders with gas, therefore we have the only independently run filling plant in East Anglia. We have been manufacturing filling plants and filling cylinders for over 25 years. This means we are not simply distributers of gas, but that our customers can be assured of the gas quality and a consistency of supply. 


Can you refill any brand of CO2 Soda maker cylinder? 

YES - We can refill all common soda maker cylinders easily, including sodastrea, Aarke, Drinkmate, Philips and Quooker. Even it is a totally new brand of cylinder we have the capacity in house to machine new fittings to fill it

How many Litres of water can I fizz with each cylinder? 

With any 0.6l Cylinder CO2 Soda Refill you can bubble up to 60 Litres of water (this is dependent on your soda water maker and level or carbonation)

Am I buying the cylinder and refill or just the refill? 

We just offer a CO2 refill service - we do not have any new cylinders to sell

How is your CO2 green? 

Most CO2 is produced from fertiliser production which uses natural gas as a raw material. Our CO2 is a bi-product sourced from a biodigester which produces a sustainable energy source from animal waste and maize

Do you recycle cylinders?

Yes - if you have finished with your SODA cylinders and are looking for a recycling point - we are happy to provide you with a free return and will accept all your old cylinders


Save money by returning more than two cylinders at once

We offer free shipping and returns for all CO2 Refill orders over 2 cylinders

For one or two cylinder exchanges we offer free returns using Collect+ but charge a small fee to ship back to the customer

Maximum package size is 60 x 50 x 50 cm and 10kg